Board of Directors

MCC's Board of Directors is formed by representatives of each MCC house, the chair of the People of Color Caucus, and four officers elected from the general membership.

Larger houses are given more than one seat on the board.


Current Board Members

Ambrosia: (2 Reps) Brijesh Karakkat

Audre Lorde: Thomas Poole

Avalon: Sarah Feldbruegge

Friends: Steve Bandes

Hypatia: Sam Link

International: (2 Reps) Moira Chiu & Barbara Decré

Lothlorien: (2 Reps) Andy Bose & Nick Simmons

Ofek Shalom: Ankita Bharadwaj

Phoenix: (2 Reps) Sam Schumacher & Callan McNamara

Sofia: Haven McClure

Syntropy: rotating assignment

Type B Members (0-2): (Vacant)

The United People of Color Caucus (TUPOCC): (Vacant)

Current Officers

Coordinating Officers: Glyphia Lewis & Julie Goodrich
Membership Officer: Eric Lydell Rodgers
Finance Officer: Steve Vig
Maintenance Officer: Cameron Bren
Education Officers: Sam Link & Nathan Simmons