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Madison Community CooperativeThe MCC Office is located in the Social Justice Center on Williamson Street
1202 Williamson Street, Suite 106
Madison, WI  53703

Phone: 608-251-2667
Fax: 608-251-7748
24 Hour Emergency Maintenance Phone: 608-416-4048

Office Hours
1 - 6 pm Monday through Thursday
2 - 6 pm Friday
Please call ahead to ensure office staff are available.

Coordinating Officers: Glyphia Lewis & Gillian Wyman
Membership Officer: Steve Vig
Finance Officer: Alessandra Gaglio
Maintenance Officer: Cameron Bren
Education Officers: Sam Link & Patrick Waring

Maintenance Coordinators: Alex Huntrods & Brel Hutton-Okpalaeke
Membership Coordinator: Beth Gehred
Finance Coordinator: Alex Moskoff
Membership Assistant: Sarah Jennings Evans
Webmaster: Ben Krueger

Board of Directors
Coordinating Committee
Maintenance Committee
Membership Committee
Education Committee
Finance Committee
Personnel Committee
Officer Nomination and Evaluation Committee

The United People Of Color Caucus(TUPOCC)
Food Caucus
Gender, Sex, Sexuality Caucus
Parents Caucus
Veterans Caucus
Website Development Group
Policy Development Group

Other MCC Resources
Community Response Team