Contact MCC

Madison Community CooperativeThe MCC Office is located in the Social Justice Center on Williamson Street
1202 Williamson Street, Suite 106
Madison, WI  53703

Phone: 608-251-2667
Fax: 608-251-7748

Member Services Coordinator: (cell phone: 608-658-9390)
General Inquiries: Contact Member Services Coordinator with general questions about Madison Community Cooperative, to learn about rooms available in MCC houses, for information about internship opportunities, and with any issues with the MCC website.
Members: Contact Member Services Coordinator: with questions about your membership contract; payment plans and debt if you are a current member of MCC; training, education and internship opportunities; and questions about the MCC website. If you have not received a contract, wish to apply to an MCC house, or have questions about paying your monthly charges, please contact your House Membership Coordinator or A/R Treasurer.
House Membership Coordinators: Contact Member Services Coordinator: with questions about your house membership process, questions or concerns about signing contracts for new members, or for information about your role as house membership coordinator.

Maintenance Coordinator: (cell phone: 608-213-3551)
Members: Members are always free to contact Maintenance Coordinator. In general, members should present their maintenance concerns or ideas with their House Maintenance Coordinator, who will call Michael on their behalf.
House Maintenance Coordinators: Please contact Maintenance Coordinator with your house maintenance concerns or requests, or to discuss issues like room keys, or concerns about room condition at move-in/move-out.

Finance Coordinator:
Members and past members: Contact Finance Coordinator with questions about the return of security deposits, general MCC finances, the MCC budget, the Social Justice Center (where MCC's office is located) or resolving your debt if you are a past member of MCC.
House treasurers: Contact Finance Coordinator with questions about reconciling your billing sheet, completing your treasurer's reports, house budgets, and completing security deposit accounting forms/member debt reconciliation logs.