MCC Housing and Social Justice Work Plan, 2014

MCC has made a commitment to look deeper at it’s work for social and housing justice. Z! Haukeness and Operation Welcome Home have been hired to lead MCC through a process of trainings and planning to help educate board and staff, as well as create a Change Team and a plan for moving forward for the coming year to make changes within the organization to improve this part of the organization’s mission. Board and staff members have volunteered to participate in the Change Team which has worked to create a draft work plan for implementing strategies and objectives over the coming year to improve MCC’s work for housing and social justice.

The work plan areas are:
• Internal Education and Skill Building
• Leadership Development and Decision Making Structure
• Policy and Procedure
• Building Alliances and Relationships
• Housing Justice/Social Justice Programming
• Communications, Public Image, and Member Recruitment

This will be a road map for the Change Team to continue to lead MCC’s board, staff and members in an ongoing process of gradual transformation.