Documents for Members

  1. Policy Manual
  2. MCC Member Handbook
  3. MCC Schedule of Relations
  4. MCC Membership Contract Terms
  5. MCC Workshop Application
  6. MCC Treasurer’s Manual (updated May 2012)
  7. MCC A/R (Billing Sheet) Treasurer Guide (updated August 2013)
  8. House Budgets 2014-2015
  9. Member Debt Flowchart
  10. Payment Plan Form (this is the form to download and fill out if you want to propose a payment plan)
  11. Security Deposit Accounting Form
  12. Proposal Form (for submitting a proposal to one of MCC's standing committees or the MCC Board)
  13. House Discretionary Fund Withdrawal Form (for houses wishing to withdraw money from their account)
  14. MCC House Invoices(for house treasurers)
  15. Bed Bug Prevention Fact Sheet
  16. Sparklegram Archive (for past and current issues of the MCC newsletter)