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Ambrosia's Mission:
Ambrosia is a home that actively creates a family community environment that strives for equity, trust, and belonging.

We have openings for June and August 2017!
We are a great place for families. KIDS 12 and under eat free. We have a large indoor playroom and an outdoor swing set.
We emphasize a socially conscious kitchen, mostly organic and local when possible.
Email us or just come by to find out more about our delicious vegetarian or vegan, sometimes omnivorous, meals! Yum.
Full food co-opers pay $120/ month and get a key to the house. Food co-opers enjoy all of the food privileges of a full membership; they eat at every house meal and help themselves in the kitchen whenever they like. Half co-opers pay $60/month and can eat at every house meal. A $200 security deposit is required before moving in.


Are all house meals vegetarian?: 

Not all meals are vegetarian (meat is served)

Vegetarian option at all meals?: 

Vegetarian option at all meals.

Vegan option at all meals?: 


What other food options are available at some meals?: 

Vegan option at most meals. Nut-free option at many meals. Gluten-free option available upon request.

Is meat allowed in the house?: 

Meat is allowed

Are there any restrictions on meat in the house?: 

Meat is served at meals occasionally, but it must be purchased by individuals, and not reimbursed by the house. Most meals are vegetarian.



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Meal Cost Notes: 

Kids under 12 eat free.

Food Member Allowed: 


Meal Plan Participation: 

Required. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis.

Pets Allowed: 

Pets Allowed

Current Pet Situation: 

2 dogs and 9 cats.

Pet Policy: 

Pets that will spend any time in common space should be membershipped in.

Are there currently pets: 

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Parking available?: 

No parking is available.

What kind of parking is available?: 

No available parking.


225 East Lakelawn Place




Membership Process: 

We require a minimum of three dinners, and a mandatory application to be filled out, signed, and returned prior to the membership meeting. We also allow membership by Skype for those who can't come to Madison. This involves Skyping during one house meal and completing the mandatory application before having a membership meeting using Skype. Please contact membership coordinator to schedule your first dinner! See contact information.

Rooms Available

House Room Number Price Date Available Main Area Notes
Ambrosia #Unspecified $375/mo 01/15/2018

2 Rooms available starting 1/15/18, please contact for more details if interested.