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In Our Words: 

Avalon Co-op is an eight-room house intent on creating a safe, sane, and supportive environment as part of the Madison Community Cooperative organization and within the city of Madison as a whole. We are a community that welcomes people of all ages, sexes, colors, sexual orientations and economic backgrounds. Key to our evolution as a healthy and united household is the development and practice of constructive, direct communication, and communal decision-making. Some of us work and some go to school. Our house is centrally located in a quiet and diverse neighborhood, which is two blocks from James Madison Park and four blocks from the capitol. We take turns making great vegetarian meals and working in our garden. We welcome open-minded people who are interested in enriching our community and environment.


Are all house meals vegetarian?: 

Not all meals are vegetarian (meat is served)

Vegetarian option at all meals?: 

Vegetarian option at all meals.

Vegan option at all meals?: 


What other food options are available at some meals?: 

Gluten free, dairy-free, vegetarian

Is meat allowed in the house?: 

Meat is allowed



Meals Cost: 


Meal Cost Notes: 

$5 Additional for monthly meat share

Food Member Allowed: 


Meal Plan Participation: 

Required. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis.

Pets Allowed: 

Pets Allowed

Current Pet Situation: 

2 cats

Pet Policy: 

Pets are allowed, but we are at maximum roaming animal capacity. Cage animals, for example, gecko, fish, etc. are allowed.

Are there currently pets: 

Location/Contact Info



Parking available?: 

Parking is available.

What kind of parking is available?: 

1 rotating driveway space.


20 North Franklin Street





Membership Process: 

Attend 3 dinners and an interview.

Rooms Available

House Room Number Price Date Available Main Area Notes
Avalon #Unspecified $443/mo 05/01/2015

We are looking for an open-minded and cooperatively conscious individual looking to join our 10 person cooperative home for the SUMMER. Currently we are at full occupancy in regards to pets (we have two cats in the home) and will not be able to accommodate for more. The SUBLET is available from MAY 1st 2015 - AUGUST 15th 2015 of this lease year.

Rent is $443.18 (includes all utilities - with the exception of power audits such as aquariums, space heaters, AC etc. which will be audited individually)
Food share is required and costs $110/month
Totaling: $553.18/mo
Meat share is optional:: 5$/month

Room is a medium size room located on the 2nd floor on the East side of the house. Two windows with medium size closet. 2nd floor consists of 3 other private rooms and full bathroom. Room will come unfurnished.

Application process consists of filling out an application, attending 3 communal dinners at Avalon, and an interview / question and answer session about cooperative living with current members at Avalon.

Please contact avalon.cooperative.house@gmail.com for further detail, copy of the application and scheduling dinners/interview. Our membership coordinator, Shoshi or Emily will be in contact with you ASAP.