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In Our Words: 

We are a community of approximately 41 people (both students, workers & others), along with 2 cats (neither students nor workers) who share a large yellow castle on the shore of Lake Mendota. Since our founding in 1973, Lothlorien Co-op has striven to provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for people of all ages, sexes, races and sexual orientations. Many of our members are politically active in queer rights, labor rights, environmental and feminist movements, and our home is an open resource to activist groups like: Freewheel, Food Not Bombs, Stop the War, Infoshop, and the Student Labor Action Coalition. We often host benefit concerts, fiestas, coffeehouses, and other events providing the city of Madison w/ good times. Based in egalitarian ideals, house decisions are made through Formal Consensus at weekly Elven Council meetings.


Are all house meals vegetarian?: 

All meals are vegetarian

Vegetarian option at all meals?: 

Vegetarian option at all meals.

Vegan option at all meals?: 

Vegan option at all meals.

What other food options are available at some meals?: 

We try to accomodate people with dietary restrictions.

Is meat allowed in the house?: 

Meat is allowed

Are there any restrictions on meat in the house?: 

House does not buy meat. House meals do not contain meat. You cannot cook meat in some cookware.

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Meal Cost Notes: 

Children under 7 are not charged, when they turn 8 they are charged half price. Children 12 and above are charged full price for food.

Food Member Allowed: 


Meal Plan Participation: 

Required. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis.

Pets Allowed: 

Pets Allowed

Current Pet Situation: 

One cat, one dog

Pet Policy: 

Up to five cats allowed without needing a meeting. There may not be more than one cat per room. Additional cats require approval (a membership meeting for the cat in question). Dogs require approval (a membership meeting for the dog in question). Pets which are smaller than five pounds (not cats or dogs) and stay in your room do not require a membership meeting.

Are there currently pets: 

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Parking available?: 

Parking is available.

What kind of parking is available?: 

Driveway with six spaces for $75 per month.


244 West Lakelawn Place







Membership Process: 

Come to three dinners an then have a membership interview. Email elvenforest@gmail.com to schedule membership dinners. Wait list available.

Rooms Available

House Room Number Price Date Available Main Area Notes
Lothlorien #205 $415/mo 11/01/2016

Medium room, one of the more quiet rooms of the house, as it faces the very quiet french house, and not the street or lake. A nice view of a tree out the window.
2 closets.
See our flickr page for a house plan.