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In Our Words: 

The Phoenix Co-op currently houses 26 members -- both students and professionals with a range of different ages -- bringing a diverse and family-like environment to our co-op. We are located close to the Memorial Union and State Street in a spacious 1920′s French chateau style building. The house features original woodwork, a fancy spiral staircase, and a frequently-used fireplace.
Phoenix uses a modified consensus decision-making process - everyone's voice is heard, and decisions are made democratically. We look for committed members who have a serious interest in living cooperatively as well as a desire to contribute your experience and energy to the house, even if you are just staying for the summer.
We proudly stand behind MCC’s mission of creating a healthy and safe space for every member, regardless of their background or identity. Our goal as a cooperative house is to create a sustainable and empowering community for all who want to partake in it, as well as offering low-income housing to Madison as a whole.
*Unfortunately, Phoenix is not wheelchair accessible.


Are all house meals vegetarian?: 

Not all meals are vegetarian (meat is served)

Vegetarian option at all meals?: 

Vegetarian option at all meals.

Vegan option at all meals?: 


What other food options are available at some meals?: 

Vegan, meat, and gluten free options are often served at meals. The house tries to accommodate the diets of everyone living in the house as best as we can.

Is meat allowed in the house?: 

Meat is allowed

Are there any restrictions on meat in the house?: 

Some communal food funds go towards buying meat - you can also buy your own meat and store it in the fridge designated for personal food.



Meals Cost: 


Meal Cost Notes: 

Food Members (who don't live at the house) pay $110 per month

Food Member Allowed: 


Meal Plan Participation: 

Required. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis.

Pets Allowed: 

Pets Allowed

Current Pet Situation: 

2 dogs, 4 cats, a few caged pets.

Pet Policy: 

Pets allowed - any pets that will hang out in common spaces must be membershipped as well. Limit of 3 dogs and 3 cats at a time. Contact us about possible exceptions.

Are there currently pets: 

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Parking available?: 

Parking is available.

What kind of parking is available?: 

5 spaces at the house - members with cars rotate driveway space every month. Bike parking is also substantial, with space for long-term bike storage in the basement.


636 Langdon Street




Membership Process: 

Come for a meal to see the house and meet folks! Email the membership coordinator ( to schedule a date for your visit. Membershipping: 3 meals, then an informal interview session for you to meet the house and for members to meet you. We ask membershippers to attend at least 3 meals so that the house can get to know you and you have the chance to get to know the house. The membership coordinator will then schedule a membership meeting with you. The meeting consists of a question and answer session for everyone to ask you more about yourself in order for them to make an informed decision. We then put your membership up to vote, and the membership coordinator would get back to you after 24 hours to let you know the result.

Rooms Available

There are no openings at this time.