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Sofia Co-op is a beautiful two-story home with 7 bedrooms, 3 porches and a backyard with raised-bed gardens and a chicken coop. We have seven rooms, and our ages range from early twenties to early fifties. We all take turns cooking, cleaning and doing chores. We enjoy several home- cooked, vegetarian meals per week together. Sofia House is a beautiful and dynamic community that strives to be as eco-friendly, family friendly, social justice minded, and LGBTQ affirming as possible. Our house is clean and cozy. We want to live with people who are more than just housemates, but rather part of a bigger family.

If interested in membershipping us, fill out the Google Form at You may also email us at


Are all house meals vegetarian?: 

All meals are vegetarian

Vegetarian option at all meals?: 

Vegetarian option at all meals.

Vegan option at all meals?: 

Vegan option at all meals.

What other food options are available at some meals?: 

Vegan and gluten-free options at all meals. We will consider other requests on a case by case basis.

Is meat allowed in the house?: 

Meat is allowed

Are there any restrictions on meat in the house?: 

Meat is only to be purchased with personal money, not with house funds.



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Meal Cost Notes: 

Kids are prorated by age starting at age 2, a 3 year-old pays half and older kids pay more. If they only live in the house part-time it is discounted.

Food Member Allowed: 


Meal Plan Participation: 

Required. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis.

Pets Allowed: 

Pets Allowed

Current Pet Situation: 

No pets currently.

Pet Policy: 

No cats or dogs. Smaller pets may be kept in room.

Are there currently pets: 

Location/Contact Info


Near East

Parking available?: 

Parking is available.

What kind of parking is available?: 

Plenty of unmetered on-street parking. One parking space in back


1239 Spaight Street




Membership Process: 

Three visits for dinners and an interview. Membershippers come to one dinner and then are invited back by the house for each subsequent dinner.

Rooms Available

House Room Number Price Date Available Main Area Notes
Sofia #3 $430/mo 11/01/2017 138 Sq. ft.

Street-facing room on 2nd floor, one window, beautiful hardwood floors. Additional $90 per month charge for food share will include access to all house food and three house meals per week.

Sofia #4 $525/mo 11/01/2017 221 Sq. ft.

Considered our largest and most beautiful room by current and past members, this second-story room has three bay windows with a great view of Spaight Street. Perfect for someone wanting to spread out and relax in style. This room has also consistently housed families or couples for the last seven years quite comfortably.

Food share is $90 per month, includes organic produce and staples from the Willy St Grocery Co-op and from the ample garden space in the backyard. Laundry, wireless internet, utilities included!

Sofia #7 $469/mo 01/01/2018 143 Sq. ft.

Sunny corner room with view of backyards, and in the winter a glimpse of Lake Monona can be seen from one block away. Ceiling fan, two windows create cross ventilation, 144 sq feet.