MCC is transitioning to AppFolio to manage our physical properties! it's super cool!

Repair Requests
If you have a repair request for your room, please submit a request through your "Member Portal"
For repair requests for any common area of the house, contact your HMC, who can login to the "Owner Portal"

If you Cannot access your Member Portal, please email us at:
Include your Name, House, phone number, and description of the problem. The more detail you give us, the better.

Maintenance Emergencies
In case of maintenance emergencies, contact your Maintenance Coordinators at the number listed in the "Contact Us" Section.
Smell Gas? Don't Call your MC! Evacuate the building and Contact Madison Gas & Electric at (608) 252-1111

MCC Maintenance Program
MCC keeps a running tab on the issues, minor and major, that we encounter in our houses. If you want to know what we're prioritizing at the moment, below is our Maintenance Task List:
Maintenance Task List

We're keeping an eye toward the future. As such, we're developing and beginning to implement our Capital Improvement plan.
5-Year Capital Improvement Plan

Here lies the MCC Maintenance Budget.
MCC Maintenance Budget

House Maintenance Coordinator Walkthrough Forms
If you are a House Maintenance Coordinator, please use the forms below to submit your monthly checklists:
Ambrosia Walkthrough Webform
Audre Lorde Walkthrough Webform
Avalon Walkthrough Webform
Friends Walkthrough Webform
Hypatia Walkthrough Webform
International Walkthrough Webform
Lothlorien Walkthrough Webform
Ofek Shalom Walkthrough Webform
Phoenix Walkthrough Webform
Sofia Walkthrough Webform
Syntropy Walkthrough Webform