Logging into the MCC Website

First thing members should do is click here to log in to the website!

Click on the “I want to set up an account” button to get started! We are using your email to help us verify MCC members are logging on as members on the site. Username and your email are required. If you add your name, then it’s easier to get your account set up because we know who to look for when checking the email address and any issues can be handled by contacting you directly.

MCC T-shirts are Here!

The shirts are dark green with white print, and were created by No Sweat Apparel. The front of the T-shirts have the MCC logo, and the backs have MCC's slogan ("Housing for people, not profit!").

They are available in youth sizes S, M, L and adult sizes S-3XL.

The price is $10-12 per shirt, on a sliding scale.

Stop by the office with a check, money order, or cash for your very own shirt!

New Member Orientation

MCC's New Member Orientation is happening again! There will be people to talk to, discussions to discuss, and snacks to eat. Come if you're a new member who wants to get to know people and learn some stuff, or if you're an experienced member who wants to come by.

Sunday, September 14th at 1 pm
Audre Lorde (625 N Frances St)
Bring yourself, and possibly someone else with you. Snax will be there, for sure.


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