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Skills sought:
2+ years of experience in maintenance, construction, or a related field. Experience using power and hand tools. Attention to detail, clear communication.
Maintain a service-oriented relationship with members and co-workers.
Willing and able to work under various weather conditions.

Time Commitment and Compensation:
15-25 hours (flexible based on availability)
Compensation ($12.83+/hour based on experience

CSTF Grant Deadline of October 1st!

Madison Community Cooperative (MCC) is offering grants to community organizations active in grassroots work.

A total of $1500 is available, which will be divided among organizations selected by MCC based on applications. This may take the form of one larger grant or multiple smaller ones. In previous years, grants have generally ranged from $200-500 per organization.

Co-op Connection!

A Celebration of Cooperatives and Community
Hosted by Summit Credit Union
Shop. Eat. Exercise. Get outdoors. Heal. Ride. Brew. Surf. Manage your money... at a co-op!

MCC T-shirts are Here!

The shirts are dark green with white print, and were created by No Sweat Apparel. The front of the T-shirts have the MCC logo, and the backs have MCC's slogan ("Housing for people, not profit!").

They are available in youth sizes S, M, L and adult sizes S-3XL.

The price is $10-12 per shirt, on a sliding scale.

Stop by the office with a check, money order, or cash for your very own shirt!


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