Logging into the MCC Website

First thing members should do is click here to log in to the website!

Click on the “I want to set up an account” button to get started! We are using your email to help us verify MCC members are logging on as members on the site. Username and your email are required. If you add your name, then it’s easier to get your account set up because we know who to look for when checking the email address and any issues can be handled by contacting you directly.


About MCC
Madison Community Cooperative (MCC) is a non-profit housing cooperative governed by its 180 member-residents who collectively manage our 11 cooperative houses in Madison’s downtown and near-east side. Our mission is to improve the Madison community by providing low-cost, not-for-profit cooperative housing for very low to moderate-income people and to be inclusive of underrepresented and marginalized groups of the community. We have made a commitment to work for social and housing justice.

CSTF Grant Deadline of October 1st!

Madison Community Cooperative (MCC) is offering grants to community organizations active in grassroots work.

A total of $1500 is available, which will be divided among organizations selected by MCC based on applications. This may take the form of one larger grant or multiple smaller ones. In previous years, grants have generally ranged from $200-500 per organization.

Co-op Consensus Workshop

You’re invited to a workshop on How to Make Consensus Work

Saturday, September 27th
Arboretum Cohousing, 1137 Erin St, Madison

Sign up for just the morning, the morning plus lunch, or (just added!) stay for the afternoon to observe while Arboretum Cohousing works on one of their community issues with the help of facilitator/trainer Laird Schaub.


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