Rooms Available

House Room Number Price Date Available Main Area Notes
Friends #9 $460/mo 174 Sq. ft.
Audre Lorde #Unspecified $392/mo

We will have 1 room available from Fall 2014 to January 2015.
We have 3 rooms available from January 2015-August 2015.
Rent ranges from $392.36 (small) to $458.40 (large) per month. Food is $95 per month on top of rent.
If you are interested in these rooms, please contact us as soon as possible ( Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. 

Phoenix #Unspecified $398/mo 06/01/2014

At least three summer openings will be available, two of which will offer the option to sign a year lease come August. Multiple undetermined fall openings (contract beginning August 15) will be available as well. The specific rooms available may change, but rents are approximately $398, plus $100 for food. Contact the membership coordinators, Sallie Anna and Phil, at for more information. We will not start membershipping for summer and fall openings until February 15, but welcome you to voice your interest now.

Sofia #4 $525/mo 04/01/2015 221 Sq. ft.

Front room with bay windows, view of street.