Rooms Available

House Room Number Price Date Available Main Area Notes
Audre Lorde #Unspecified $392/mo

We currently have one room available.
We have 1 room available for summer 2015 (can be extended after the summer).
We will have 2 rooms available beginning August 15, 2015.
Rent ranges from $392.36 (small) to $458.40 (large) per month. Food is $95 per month on top of rent.
If you are interested in these rooms, please contact us as soon as possible ( Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. 

Lothlorien #Unspesified $395/mo 09/01/2015 140 Sq. ft.

There are 2 rooms available on first and second floor. The rooms are all about 140 square feet. The price range from $395 to $415. The monthly meal cost is $100 per month, which brings the total cost of the rooms to range from $495 to $515 per month.
For more information contact

Hypatia #10 $344/mo 11/01/2015 78 Sq. ft.

Smaller, unfurnished room with ample sunlight available November 1, 2015. Email hypatiacooperativehouse@gmail for pictures/details.

Friends #12 $375/mo 12/01/2015 121 Sq. ft.

WINTER OPENING (Available 1st December).
The room may not be this particular one.
If interested, email

Third floor small room with two windows facing south and west.

Phoenix #35 01/01/2016 0 Sq. ft.

A medium-sized room on the third floor with a large closet and one large window facing Langdon Street. Large common bathroom shared amongst residents of the third floor. Email the Phoenix membership coordinators at if interested.