Rooms Available

House Room Number Price Date Available Main Area Notes
Audre Lorde #Unspecified $392/mo

We will have 5 rooms available on June 1st for the summer (through August 14th).
We will have 2 rooms available for the academic year (August 15th-May 31st).
Rent ranges from $392.36 (small) to $458.40 (large) per month. Food is $95 per month on top of rent.
If you are interested in these rooms, please contact us as soon as possible ( Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. 

Ambrosia #Unspecified

We do not currently have any openings.

Room costs are between $365 and $530. There is also an additional $110 food cost per adult and child over

There is a  $200  security deposit per adult. There is is also a one time non-refundable  MCC/NASCO fee of $83 per adult.

Friends #4 $339/mo 06/01/2013 174 Sq. ft.

This is a large-sized room with three east facing windows and two large closets.

Friends #5 $247/mo 06/01/2013 68 Sq. ft.

This is a small-sized room with one west-facing window, one large closet, and shelves.

Ofek Shalom #Unspecified $370/mo 11/15/2013

We will have one room available in mid November. One or more rooms will be available at the end of December. Rent ranges from the smallest room at $326 to the largest room at $386. Contact if you're interested. 

Syntropy #3 $406/mo 01/01/2014 116 Sq. ft.
Syntropy #2 03/01/2014 180 Sq. ft.
Syntropy #1 04/15/2014 144 Sq. ft.
Phoenix #28 $398/mo 05/01/2014 208 Sq. ft.
Phoenix #26 $406/mo 05/15/2014 171 Sq. ft.

Room available for summer 2014.