Rooms Available

House Room Number Price Date Available Main Area Notes
Lothlorien #210 $425/mo 01/22/2013

120 ft2
2 closets
1 window
see our flickr page for a floor plan

Lothlorien #305 $405/mo 01/22/2013

76 ft2
2 windows
1 closet
see our flickr page for a floor plan

Phoenix #11 $362/mo 01/01/2018 124 Sq. ft.

Medium-sized well kept room on 1st floor, has one large window and connected access to a personal bathroom shared with one other member..

Food charge of $100/month required and includes 6 weekly dinners and access to house food and kitchen, which is kept fully stocked. Email for more information.

Sofia #7 $469/mo 01/01/2018 143 Sq. ft.

Sunny corner room with view of backyards, and in the winter a glimpse of Lake Monona can be seen from one block away. Ceiling fan, two windows create cross ventilation, 144 sq feet.

Ambrosia #Unspecified $375/mo 01/15/2018

2 Rooms available starting 1/15/18, please contact for more details if interested.

Syntropy #5 $438/mo 04/01/2018 140 Sq. ft.

East facing window, tall closet, door with access to fire escape landing that overlooks our backyard & veggie garden.

Avalon #Unspecified $300/mo 08/15/2018

We have a couple of rooms available AUGUST 2018. We will be able to accept two roaming pets.

Currently we are having a room shuffle with current members in the house. We are still unsure which room in the house will be available. Avalon rent is between $415 - $590, this includes all utilities, internet, laundry detergents, house cleaning supplies, maintenance supplies, light bulbs and other small things. Food share is $110/month and is required to live at Avalon. An additional 5$ if you would like a meat share include.

The application process: Application and three dinners. Applicants will be reviewed on a rolling basis

To get a link to our application please email: to get in touch with Shoshi our Membership Coordinator.