Rooms Available

House Room Number Price Date Available Main Area Notes
Audre Lorde #Unspecified $392/mo

We currently have one room available.
We have 1 room available for summer 2015 (can be extended after the summer).
We will have 2 rooms available beginning August 15, 2015.
Rent ranges from $392.36 (small) to $458.40 (large) per month. Food is $95 per month on top of rent.
If you are interested in these rooms, please contact us as soon as possible ( Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. 

Lothlorien #Unspesified $395/mo 12/15/2015 140 Sq. ft.

There is 1 room available on second floor. The room is about 140 square feet. A monthly rent of $395, and a monthly meal cost of $100 , which brings the total cost of the room to $495 per month.
For more information contact

International #25 $326/mo 06/01/2016 140 Sq. ft.
Sofia #1 $525/mo 09/19/2016 240 Sq. ft.

Large room on first floor with bay windows and plenty of light, close to kitchen and living room. Additional $90 per month charge for food share will include access to all house food and three house meals per week.

Phoenix #25 $446/mo 10/15/2016 0 Sq. ft.

Large room on second floor. Features a large window and a walk-in closet. Email the Phoenix membership coordinators at if interested.

Ambrosia #Unspecified $370/mo 11/01/2016
Syntropy #Unspecified $431/mo 11/15/2016

3 rooms are available this winter, with flexible move-in dates. Available as early as Oct. 15 and as late as Jan. 1.
We are not accepting new applicants for these openings at this time.