What To Know About Snow

Last week's blizzard covered Madison in 15.2 inches of snow. As city residents, it's important that MCC members know what's required when it snows.
The City of Madison website has a page dedicated to winter resources, which highlights key areas such as transportation, snow removal, and parking.
City ordinance requires that people shovel the entire width of their sidewalk (and you can't shovel the snow into the street). The city provides free sand from multiple pick-up locations to help provide traction when there is ice that can't be removed by shoveling. Snow removal must be complered by 12 noon the day after the snow stops falling. The city writes tickets to residents that have not removed snow from their sidewalks - because it is considered a public safety issue, there is no warning given. Co-ops can be good neighbors by shoveling promptly and thoroughly, and offering to help neighbors who are not able to shovel.
If you are an MCC member with a car, make sure you know whether a snow emergency has been declared, and where to park. Parking on the wrong side of the street during a snow emergency carries a steep fine! You can sign up to get text messages alerting you if there is a snow emergency.
If you have questions about whether trash pick-up is delayed due to the weather, whether the buses are running, or when your street will be plowed, visit the City's website and check the news section.

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